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The Life Audit has had an unprecedented response in the press, on TV and the radio. Here are just a few examples of what's been said about Caroline and The Life Audit.

"The Life Audit pays its readers the compliment of assuming they're intelligent, capable people who can sort out their lives. It will make you shine a torch into the attic of your psyche. . . . a self-help book for people who despise the genre. Its thrust is investigative, not prescriptive. There are no quick fixes, or hippy waffle."
The Times

"First among self-help equals is Caroline Righton and her new book The Life Audit, a business-like life-spring-clean manual that strenuously avoids psychobabble."
The Independent on Sunday

"The good news is that Caroline Righton's book, which is flying off the shelves like ice-cream in August is agreeably devoid of psychobabble. Righton may be interested in the inner you, but she is equally concerned about your outer sock drawer . . . Righton’s audit is applicable to every area of your life. I can think of worse people to adopt as your self help guru than an attractive, compassionate, upbeat, forty-something woman, who doesn't take herself too seriously, and who has a strong marriage and a positive outlook on life."
The Scotsman

"Taking stock and trying to improve your life is hardly a new phenomenonâ what is different about Caroline's version is its impeccable organisation and its non-prescriptive approach."
Western Morning News

As self-help theories go, this one seems imbued with common sense . . . Far from being a manual for fretting forty-somethings, The Life Audit applies to any age or gender."


When Caroline appeared on GMTV, ITV's Breakfast show, the audience response was 'unprecedented'. Three people audited themselves over the course of a week, and all of them said the process had changed their lives. When Caroline took part in a follow-up live webchat after the programme, GMTV reported a "phenomenal response . . . more traffic generated than by celebrity guests."

Caroline also appeared on BBC Breakfast News, taking part in a live interview about how The Life Audit principles work to make people feel optimistic when up against life's adversities. Also appearing was a psychotherapist expert with a "Happiness diploma". The audience reaction overwhelmingly favoured the pragmatic approach of The Life Audit.

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