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The Life Audit is a three stage programme supported by charts, questionnaires and analysis.

The First Stage - TIME ACCOUNTING & STOCKTAKE - involves keeping daily time logs and a journal of where you are making time investments across each 24 hours during a chosen period of time. This can be as little as a week or calculated across a year. You also look at ten areas of your life to stocktake the time each requires and better understand how you really feel about the things, events and people you are involved with. These life zones are health, relationships, home, image, work, money, leisure, citizenship, soul and mortality.

The Second Stage - ANALYSIS - is about prioritising and eliminating. You assess whether you need to prioritise your time differently and decide what the break-even position is in all aspects of your life to ensure you have allowed for the time you need to devote to your non-negotiable commitments, responsibilities and duties.

The Third Stage - ACTION - is about opening investment accounts of time to start moving your dreams and ambitions forward, reconciling regrets and making sure you really do know where the time goes and that you are doing the things YOU want to do.

The plan is set out in detailed form in the book The Life Audit, published by Hodder Mobius. ISBN 0-340-83678-4 and includes many charts and plans to help you audit your life successfully.

The Handbook for Life is a companion almanac to The Life Audit, also published by Hodder Mobius ISBN 0-340-83678-4. A comprehensive reference book, it covers the same ten life areas and is packed with information and specific advice to make every aspect of your life run smoothly.

Become a member and access Your Life Audit where you'll be able to fill in daily time charts online, create your own interactive time-use and consumption graphs and download and print out all 48 charts that are included in The Life Audit book.

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